What's the Story: Discovery & Assessment

This phase uncovers the reasons your story is so important. We’ll identify the story you're telling and why. We’ll consider commonly-held attitudes on your issue.  We’ll evaluate the resources you have in your arsenal to convey your narrative. We’ll discuss the impact you’re hoping to achieve.

  • Meeting with staff, in groups or individually, to better understand the story you need to tell and the context in which this story is communicated;
  • Research and survey the landscape. What are the barriers in telling this story, what are commonly-held notions around this narrative;
  • Summary Report & Recommendations that is based on staff interviews and consultant expertise.

Grab the Spotlight: Planning & Development

This phase digs deeper into who your audience is, and the action you want them to take. We’ll evaluate what your audience knows and the tools they rely on for information. We’ll develop a tiered communications strategy and construct campaigns that connect your audience to your narrative.

  • Refining goals, including what your organization achieves by communicating your story; your primary target audience and desired actions;
  • Researching target audience knowledge and behaviors to ensure identified tools and channels connect your story to your audience;
  • Identifying key activities and evaluation measures that will shape the campaign and make your goals achievable;
  • Developing a scope of work that outlines campaign goals, activities and timeframes.

Make the Connection: Outreach & Implementation

This phase consists of content development and distribution. We’ll craft messages that are clear, concise, compelling to your target audience. We’ll create products that put a human face to your issue. We’ll ready your communications channels and prepare them to deliver your messages to the individuals who need to hear them.

  • Articulate key messages so they will be effectively heard by your audience;
  • Develop/assemble content that is understandable and resonates with your audience;
  • Evaluation and Sustainability Report summarizing campaign activities and results. This includes recommendations to ensure your stories continue to be told.