I know non-profits and organizations

As a former communication director at a non-profit, I understand mission-driven work. I understand your organization rarely garners the credit it deserves. I know your value is often overlooked and misunderstood. I believe this can change, and the solution lies in the compelling stories you have to tell. Every organization has a narrative, and by sharing it you'll show your value, get more supporters, and increase your impact.


it's so important, but hard

Communications is fast-paced. It changes rapidly. We have tools that alter the way we get and consume information, and the speed in which we receive that information. Maximizing an organization’s return on investment in this field requires a seasoned expert with a keen understanding of where communications has been, and where it’s going.

Communications drives me

I’ve spent my entire career in this field. I’ve been a journalist highlighting critical issues for the masses, and I’ve been the public relations professional, hustling for media attention. I’m fortunate my experience has enabled me to attract and hold an audience’s attention. Communications is powerful and I am compelled to help organizations harness that power and affect real change.